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RPG Idea – Crash Investigators

China Air Crash

This is an idea inspired by Michael Crichton’s novel, Airframe. It involves the characters playing a team of air-crash investigators, who Continue Reading →

Advanced Encounters: Terrain Toolbox – Review

Advanced Encounters - Terrain Toolbox Cover

I have never really used terrain in my RPGs, except purely as scenery. For those of you wanting terrain to Continue Reading →

The Stars are not right

Class C Stellar Engine

This idea is for a far future setting, and would work well with some Lovercraftian overtones. Stellar Engines are theoretical ways Continue Reading →

RPG Idea – Price of Beauty

This is one of those ideas that prove that you can get ideas anywhere, in this case it is a Continue Reading →

RPG Idea : Deathtrap Maintenance

This idea was originally inspired by the stories The Trouble With Death Traps and The Ghost in the Death Trap, both by Marjorie James. Continue Reading →

RPG Idea: Fantasy Characters in the Modern World

This is an outgrowth of a thread a read a long time ago on RPG.net (which I will not link Continue Reading →

RPG Idea: Conflicting GMs

I got this idea while writing my article about the Adjustment Bureau, but I thought it deserved a post on Continue Reading →

RPG Idea: Housemates of the Antichrist

This was an idea I had years ago, originally intended for the Buffy system, since I think it would fit Continue Reading →

RPG Idea: What Happened to Humanity?

Like a lot of my other ideas, this one could either be truly awesome, or fail miserably when tried in Continue Reading →

RPG Inspiration: The Adjustment Bureau

Adjustment Bureau Poster

The Adjustment Bureau is based on the Story ”Adjustment Team” by Phillip K. Dick. Like pretty much all of the movie versions Continue Reading →