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Refining Direction

Going forwards

Changing Direction

I have been thinking a lot about my life and its direction lately. One of the outcomes of all that thinking is The Life List, in which I have listed some of the things that I actually want to do during my life.

I will be putting more effort into this blog, as well as changing its direction somewhat. I am going to try to start writing more in-depth articles, and using it to hone my skills as a writer (yes, I know that I need a lot of honing).

I still need to put in a lot of thought about the exact direction for the blog, but I hope that it will develop naturally as I work on it. I will also put in more effort into actually attracting readers here. I want this to act as a springboard for my future projects.

I will need some help in all of this, so I will need you to let me know if I can do anything to improve, either my writing, my blog, or anything else, for that matter.


Low Information Diet

I found this article in my notes, i wrote it originally about two months ago, and never posted it, so here it is: 

Inspired by the Four Hour Work week, I have tried the low information diet for five days. The results were very interesting and surprising, so much so that I wrote another article about it. I can recommend it for anyone.

In case you do not want to read the book for some strange reason (you really should, there is a ton of useful information/ideas/inspiration in it, it is one of the very few books I ever read more than once), or you just want to know my take on the process, here it is: (I am including my own personal deviations from Tim’s recommendations.
  • No consumption of social media
  • No websurfing, except as it is necessary to do my work, in which case it will be just enough to get the task done.
  • No reading RSS feeds
  • No non-fiction reading except for the Four Hour Work Week
  • Fiction reading limited to 1h, just before bedtime (I used this to catch up on Hellboy, but you can choose something else)
  • No TV News or newspapers (I never did any of those to begin, so not really an issue for me)
  • Watching Entertainment TV limited to 1h a day
  • Tim includes a five minute check for news at lunch by asking someone if anything happened during the day. I did not use it, as I found that people tended to discuss things with me, anyway.
Here are some of my own refinements:
  • I limited email checking to once per day after 12 O’clock. In the case of my personal gmail account, I just quickly scanned through the important items  (I find that the automated importance determination in gmail works really well).
  • I kept writing updates to Google Plus about my low information diet (I posted from the Google homepage, so that I would not get tempted to actually read my stream). This had several benefits:
  • It meant that I had publicly committed, so that, when I was tempted to quit, I felt bad thinking that I would disapoint my readers (rationally, I doubt that any of them would have really cared, but on an emotional level it feels different than if it was only me that knew about it)
  • It gave me a place to vent my frustrations
  • It provided entertainment for my followers