This is my overview of the first afternoon session of TedX Cape Town 2011.

If you are interested in reading the rest of the entries, you can find them here:

Justin FriedmanFor Love of Water

I came back a bit late from lunch, and missed the first couple of minutes of this presentation. Here Justin talked about For Love of Water. And encouraged all of us to be for the love of water, and to try to understand and appreciate its power and impact that it has on us.

Edwin RobertsShare the Vision, Dream and Future Realities of Broadband and Biometrics

In this presentation Edwin talks about biometrics, and the use of mobile phones to store and track biometric data, for use in areas such as health and payments. Biometrics can be used to ensure that a person is present, and to confirm their identity, and therefore enable easier monitoring of how resources are used, as well as tracking the effects of various attempted fixes.

Simon de Haan – Making the Invisible Visible

This session was one of the most interesting for me. In it, Simon talks about the fact that a lot of Soth Africans have cellphones, most of them on prepaid contracts. As he pointed out, even though they often cannot phone or sms out, the fact that they have a cellphone means that they can still be reached. They are invisible, and his foundation makes sure that they do not feel undervalued.

The first project he spoke about is simply sending reminders to people for when they need to come in to take their retrovirals. Apparently this simple steps resulted in reducing missed appointments from 30% to about 5%.

The second project he spoke about was a system that would keep farmers updated about the sales of their crops by agents, also using sms.

The third and last project Simon talked about involved a mobile site for young people about sex and relationships.

I really think that mobile is the future, and it was interesting to see the uses that people are putting mobile technology to.

Ard Matthews Loop de loop

This was the surprise guest of the day, and he performed two songs, Shallow Waters and Redemption, both very appropriate to TedX Cape Town.

Between the songs, Ard spoke about the fact that he uses very few chords in his songs, and that by keeping things simple, he is able to make beautiful music.

Claire JanischThe Genius of Water

This was a short presentation about biomimicry, the idea of seeing how thin