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Day 170: 20 Things everyone should declutter and why

  1. Snooze buttons – They actually hurt sleep quality
  2. Old packaging – It just takes up space
  3. User manuals – If you need to you can look it up online
  4. Expired medication – Not only useless, can be actually dangerous
  5. Cookbooks you never use – Waste of space
  6. Plastic bags – You have more than you need
  7. Old screws – The ones you kept, just in case
  8. Keys you have no idea what to use for – Everybody has some
  9. Loyalty cards for places you go to – Why even bother
  10. Spare USB cables – A couple of them are fine, but keeping all of them “just in case”…
  11. Expired food – Smells bad and is bad for you
  12. Clothes that no longer fit you – Just accept it
  13. Old magazines – Just recycle them
  14. DVDs that you have not watched in years – Do you even still have a DVD player?
  15. Browser Bookmarks – Most them you will never look at again
  16. Your inbox – Unneeded psychic weight
  17. Toys your child has outgrown – Time to move on
  18. Extension cables you do not use
  19. Sporting equipment for sports that no longer interest you
  20. Equipment for hobbies you lost interest in

Day 169: 20 Alternatives to end-of-year gift crazy

  1. Personal notes
  2. Everybody makes a list, and gets one person to buy for
  3. Ignore it
  4. Write poems
  5. Hand-made cards
  6. Spread gifts throughout the year
  7. Volunteer at a charity
  8. Organise an outing
  9. Put on performances
  10. Write personal letters
  11. Work through the period and take time off when things are less busy
  12. Cook for everyone together
  13. Everybody teaches something as a present
  14. Give experiences
  15. Surprise with a present at another time of the year
  16. Donate to people’s favourite charities
  17. Send people on a trip
  18. Organise a class to take together
  19. Help the person with their responsibilities
  20. Leave notes hidden in people’s houses

Day 168: 20 Most influential People of this Decade and Why

Another hard one, it is just too early to tell. (Note, some of these are not very nice people)

  1. Elon Musk – A large variety of technologies
  2. Bernie Sanders – Changed the way american politics works
  3. Satoshi Nakamoto – Changed the way we view finance
  4. Tassim Naleb – Changing our view of risk
  5. James Altucher – For a new point of view on life and business
  6. Vladimir Putin – Helping to shape Europe and Asia
  7. Edward Snowden – Exposing the secrets of government
  8. Barrack Obama – Influencing policies across the planet
  9. Donald Trump – Showing the stupidity of the 1%
  10. Trevor Noah – Encouraging co-operation, humor and compassion
  11. Kim Kardashian – Highlighting the vapidity of the media
  12. Richard Branson – Showing business with heart
  13. Mmusi Maimane – Trying to help to return a whole country back on track
  14. Me – The most influential person in my life
  15. Robert Anton Wilson – His ideas are gaining traction
  16. Angela Merkel – Shaping the image of Europe
  17. Kate McGonnigal – For reshaping the way people view games
  18. Dalai Lama – For promoting compassion
  19. Neil DeGrasse Tyson – Illuminating clarity of thinking
  20. Mark Zuckerberg – Shaping the way we communicate

Day 167: 20 Pieces of Advice for my Great-Granddaughter at age 10

  1. Live your own life
  2. Keep learning
  3. Always keep growing as a person
  4. Choose the people around you carefully
  5. Do not blindly accept any advice
  6. Accept the fact that you will make mistakes
  7. Don’t take things too seriously
  8. Have fun
  9. Get comfortable with yourself
  10. Stay in the now as much as you can
  11. Be compassionate
  12. Remember that everything is temporary
  13. It is OK to ask for help
  14. Breathe
  15. Listen more than you talk
  16. Spend some time in silence every day
  17. Do not be afraid of new experiences
  18. Be gentle with yourself
  19. Forgive others
  20. Live

Day 166: 20 Things to Consider before Renting your next Home

  1. Deposit
  2. Exit Terms
  3. Size
  4. Proximity to School
  5. Neighbourhood
  6. Commune tax rate
  7. Length of Lease
  8. Condition
  9. Price
  10. Utilities
  11. Does it have built-in cupboards
  12. Layout
  13. Garden
  14. Proximity to Roads
  15. Distance to Station
  16. Type of flooring
  17. Internet Availability
  18. If any rental needs to be paid in advance
  19. Pet-friendliness
  20. Rental increases

Day 165: 19 Alternatives to University

Once again, I ended up writing the same suggestions twice, hence only 19

  1. Go to a monastery
  2. Apprenticeship
  3. Take up writing
  4. Freelance
  5. Start an Etsy store
  6. YouTube channel
  7. Self-study online
  8. Volunteer
  9. Start a business
  10. Join a commune
  11. Write apps
  12. Look for a job directly
  13. Professional Sports
  14. Write and send out 20 ideas a day, and see what comes from it
  15. Start a farm
  16. Work on a cruise liner
  17. Work on your art
  18. Do Internet Marketing
  19. Invent something and sell it

Day 164: 20 Things I have bought in the past 6 months and why

The fact is that I do not buy things often, so this was a hard list to fill in.

  1. The Idea Machine Book – to hone my idea creation skills
  2. Retronator Pixel Academy – To explore my artistic side
  3. Headphones – To watch movies while I commute
  4. Gel-ink pens – I enjoy writing with them
  5. Scrivner – I want to write more
  6. 50 Secrets of Productive People – I enjoy Mark’s work, and this gave me a lot to think about
  7. Minecraft for my daughter – I think it encourages her creativity
  8. A nice notebook – It makes me feel more like writing
  9. Cordiceps – Trying to improve my cognitive stack
  10. Ginseng – I find it helps my concentration and energy levels
  11. Ginkgo Biloba – It works very well with the Ginseng
  12. Car seat for my daughter – She really needed one
  13. Cans of sardines for lunch – I needed a healthy alternative
  14. Mosquito repellent – There are too many of them in Denmark
  15. Alastair, Astrology and the Aeon – It seemed like an interesting read
  16. Spare charger for the iPhone – Makes life simpler
  17. Rechargeable batteries – Saves money in the long term
  18. Plastic bowls – Convenient with a baby
  19. Walking Ring – Keeps the baby busy
  20. Coffee in a tin – Convenient for storage

Day 163: 11 Decisions I made without thinking that had an impact

I struggled with this one, which is why there is only 11. The fact is that I tend to think of all my past decisions impacting who I have become today, which makes their full impact hard to judge.

  1. Doing 20 instead of 10
  2. Closing my old bank account
  3. Having cake yesterday
  4. Getting the Pilgrim
  5. Leaving Mogul Early
  6. Getting a desktop instead of a notebook
  7. Agreeing to let Ruby have her own room
  8. Doing the Space Shaman protocol
  9. Signing up for a follower-building service when I first started using twitter
  10. Ordering Anthony Robbins’ money book
  11. Starting two Boardgamearena games

Day 162: 20 Ideas for Uber

  1. Offer their drivers medical aid
  2. Support motorbikes for congested cities
  3. Commuter Carpool service
  4. Uber achievements
  5. Sell anonymised info of traffic and movement patterns
  6. Coffee in the car for late night pick-ups
  7. Ability to request a female driver
  8. Loyalty points
  9. Long-term driving service
  10. Shop deliveries
  11. Display carbon cost for a trip
  12. Special offers for events
  13. Chargers in cars
  14. Driverless cars
  15. Helicopter transport
  16. Integrate with public transport systems
  17. Offer in-home services such as plumbing that use Uber for transport
  18. The ability to drive yourself
  19. The ability to specify a playlist for your ride
  20. Onboard WiFi

Day 161: 20 Suggestions for Car Rental Companies

  1. Smoking cars
  2. Older cars at a reduced price
  3. Invest in self-driving cars
  4. Offer purchase deals
  5. Pre-programmed GPS with itinerary
  6. The ability to select your car in advance
  7. Car sharing
  8. Welcome packet in car, for tourists
  9. Informing people when they do not need a car
  10. More emphasis on environment-friendly cars
  11. Reduced rates for people who drive little
  12. Cars with ads at a reduced rate
  13. Distance travelled warning
  14. Short intro to local road rules for international travellers
  15. Work with a driving school
  16. Loyalty points for washed cars
  17. Provide a free tank of petrol
  18. Offer cellphone prepaid deals
  19. Loyalty card
  20. Link to car reviews from their site
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