Well, this is the last one, I will try and put  a more coherent post about my experience together, but in the meantime, have some advice.

  1. Pick a time to do it
  2. Commit to other people
  3. Go easy on yourself if you skip a day
  4. Some days you will not feel like it, but do it anyway
  5. The middle of the list is the hardest
  6. Be open in interpreting the topic
  7. Dare to be stupid
  8. Ideas often cluster together around the same topic
  9. If you cannot think of anything, look around you for something to spark of
  10. Do not worry if your ideas will make sense to anyone else
  11. Write down the obvious ones first
  12. Focus
  13. Use pen and paper
  14. Be patient
  15. An idea often leads to others
  16. Do not worry about being original
  17. Most of your ideas will be pretty bad
  18. At times, you will really get to feel your brain getting a workout
  19. Share the good ones