In case you are confused, todays ideas come from the trends I came up with yesterday.

  1. Offering currency exchange services
  2. AR App to remember names
  3. Skill downloads
  4. AI that does things before they are requested
  5. Asteroid Mining
  6. Providing interactive experiences using AI and Robots
  7. Renting out Telepresence robots
  8. Terraforming
  9. House-cleaning robots
  10. Play and educational robots for children
  11. AI pets/companions
  12. Body alteration consulting
  13. Personalised nootropic profiles
  14. Integrated AI that injects appropriate substances into the bloodstream
  15. Use of AR to interact with people not physically present
  16. A dating service for alterex people
  17. Robot rental
  18. AI therapist
  19. Verification service for real humans
  20. Sense-sharing