If anybody is interested in any of those, let me know, and I will see what I can organise.

  1. An Introduction to Programming with Java – An intensive workshop over two days, that will involve writing very simple Java programs.
  2. A Sense of Calm – A meditation workshop, which will take an hour. It will involve a brief intro to the idea of mindfulness, and a 20 minute meditation session.
  3. Start Your Own Blog – Everybody will learn how to set up WordPress, and we would brainstorm ideas and themes. It would run 2-3h.
  4. Write Your CV – Helping people come up with a good CV, highly interactive, as we come up with ways to show people in a good light. 2-3h.
  5. Your First LARP – Together we would write a LAP, going through the basics of the process. A whole day workshop.
  6. Using Procrastination – Explaining the Final Version and Autofocus methods, and getting people to be OK with the idea of structured procrastination. 2-3h.
  7. Interview Skills – People would learn about how to handle interviews, including a practice session interviewing each other. 4-5h
  8. Many Ways to be Wrong – A workshop about unconscious biases, and how we oversimplify things. A lot of discussion of how to spot bias in media. 2h.
  9. Social Media for Introverts – Talking about how to maintain a social media presence without descending into narcissism, and we will help each other brainstorm and create interesting posts. 2-3h
  10. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics – Explaining the basic concepts, with a lot of time for questions. 3h.
  11. How to do Research on the Net – Everybody will pick a topic they want to know more about, and learn how to best use the net to research it. 3h.
  12. Introduction to SEO – Learn how to do on-site and off-site SEO. A lot of time left for questions. 2-3h.
  13. Programming with Python – Same as #1, above
  14. How to Play Poker – Short introduction to the basic rules and techniques, followed by actual play, with me providing advice. 4h
  15. Playing Go – Same as #15
  16. Eat Like a Caveman – Introduction to Paleo, mostly talk, with plenty of time for questions, and a paleo lunch. Whole day.
  17. How to Move Countries – A look at what is involved, as well as things to keep in mind. Mostly lecture and questions. 2h.
  18. Getting Started on Google Plus – Everybody will set up their accounts and understand circles and collections. 2h.
  19. Sigils – A chaos magick workshop. Everybody will come up with a sigil and a ritual. 4h
  20. Critical Thinking – The common techniques and how to apply them. 4h