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Day 109: 20 Things I learned from my High School Physics Teacher

I am not entirely sure if these are the lessons he intended me to learn…

  1. Physics
  2. Not to take things so seriously
  3. That it is OK to geek out
  4. Which way the coil in a generator goes
  5. The importance of storytelling in teaching
  6. What an Eddie current is
  7. How to solder
  8. That I need to use a stack of filter to properly observe an eclipse
  9. The joy of science
  10. That you don’t have to dress well to get taken seriously
  11. That there is always more to learn
  12. That debating is fun
  13. The importance of entertaining when you teach
  14. The difference between speed and velocity
  15. That maths and physics are intertwined
  16. To use sarcasm as a tool
  17. To welcome dissent
  18. To be ready to explain my thinking
  19. That learning does not have to end when the bell rings
  20. That learning is your own responsability

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  1. I really love this – I think I’ll do a blog post like this.

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