1. Start meditating in the mornings
  2. Keep a dream journal
  3. Do strength training 3 times a week
  4. Make sure to walk for minimum half an hour every day
  5. Fast twice a week
  6. Start keeping a done list
  7. List three things I am grateful for every day
  8. Visit the Bastard Cafe
  9. Read with my daughter every day
  10. Do daily Danish Duoling sessions
  11. Continue with the Paleo diet
  12. Write 1 blog article/week
  13. Start doing morning pages
  14. Eat less fruit to reduce my fructose intake
  15. Take breaks during the day to just breathe
  16. Start journaling
  17. Do daily pranayama
  18. Start writing my book
  19. Sop complaining
  20. Do one thing I am afraid of every day