1. I get a new, interesting and fulfilling job, since that is what I need at the moment.
  2. I write and publish a book – I have always wanted to do that, and it would provide a bit of passive income.
  3. We visit at least one more country as a family – We enjoy travel
  4. This blog really takes off – I want to connect with more people and build my personal brand, so tell your friends (or your enemies, I am happy either way)
  5. My daughter settled in a school she likes – She deserves a good education that is well suited to her temperament
  6. I get to my ideal weight – I carry too much weight around, and it would be nice to get rid of it
  7. We move to a bigger house – I want a bigger study
  8. I increase my circle of friends – I know too few people face-to-face
  9. I stick to an exercise program – I have never been able to do that
  10. I start a side hustle – To get some passive income, and I think it would be fun
  11. Snow – I enjoy it
  12. I stress less – I have been stressing too much
  13. I write and release a game – Another thing I always wanted to do
  14. I go to an RPG convention – I have always enjoyed them, but I struggle to find the time as I get older
  15. We get a bigger car – It would be more comfortable
  16. I collect a large email list – It will help my future projects to have an audience
  17. I get a new cellphone – I just want one (so, if anybody is feeling generous…)
  18. My parents move to Serbia – It would be nice to have them closer, and I think they will be happier there
  19. My youngest daughter to start walking – Pretty much inevitable
  20. More harmony in our house – Always good