This one is probably a bit confusing, since I avoided the actual names.

  1. My family friend in Serbia – Congratulate her on her marriage
  2. The aforementioned friend’s father – Thank him for his help while we lived in Serbia
  3. My cousin – Tell her that I am impressed by how well her hotel is doing
  4. My RPG group member – Tell him how much I enjoyed playing with him
  5. The GM for the group – Thank him for the games
  6. A writer friend of mine – Tell her how much I enjoyed her writing
  7. An old friend from University – Reminisce about old times
  8. Another old friend – Catch up
  9. A friend that I worked with a while ago – Tell him how much I enjoyed working with him
  10. My grandmother – Tell her about my daughter
  11. My other grandmother – The same
  12. My dad – Talk to him about my work opportunities
  13. Yet another old friend, and more catching up
  14. A film-maker friend – Ask him about his current projects
  15. High school friend – We have decades to catch up on
  16. The other high school friend – Congratulate him on his marriage
  17. The friend I had in Johannesburg – Thank him for being a friend
  18. Another JHB friend – Tell him how much I admire his integrity
  19. Yet another friend from JHB – Thank him for the good times
  20. My old boss – Thank him for the work we did together