Strangely enough, motivation has not been a problem for this project, having only missed one day (combination of holiday in LegoLand + 3h Drive + Sick baby).

  1. Just power through
  2. Reminder not to break the chain
  3. Allow myself to just write one idea
  4. Think of my blog
  5. Keep the notebook where I can see it
  6. Institute a no coffee before ideas policy
  7. Commit to paying DKK1000 for every day I skip
  8. Think of myself as an idea machine
  9. Start announcing my ideas publicly before I write them
  10. Ask my wife to follow up with me daily about the ideas
  11. Not allowed to see the next idea until today’s done
  12. Not allowed to go to sleep before the ideas for the day are written
  13. Think about how I want my life to be
  14. Read inspirational books
  15. “Have you done the ideas” message on my phone
  16. Have a visible calendar to mark of the days on which I did the ideas
  17. Set a specific time every day where I am not allowed to do anything else
  18. Have a money jar: 20DKK goes in when I write, or out if I skip
  19. Sit and meditate until I feel like writing
  20. Use focus blocks to shift my mood