This was more of a challenge than I expected… Not really sure what I will try from here.

  1. Shave my beard
  2. Lie down on the train for 30 seconds
  3. Wear shorts to work
  4. Work for a day without my Todo list
  5. Switch to using Microsoft Edge for a week
  6. Send a list of 10 ideas for the hololens
  7. Start a conversation with a stranger on a train
  8. Don’t make breakfast one morning
  9. Ask to run the daily Scrum meeting
  10. Use the standing desk for two hours
  11. Comment on a Code Review in a project I know nothing about
  12. Try out my Danish on a co-worker
  13. Start a game of Diplomacy on G+
  14. See if I can get in on the next site visit to the new office
  15. Ask to keep the 3D printer for longer
  16. Leave work early for no reason
  17. Only write 10 ideas for one day
  18. Sit with people I do not know during lunch
  19. Try to order Sushi in Danish
  20. Pretend I do not speak English at a shop