Since I have not had much time to watch movies lately, so this time I am going to use a short story for inspiration.

I am going to use Zombis Blanc by Greg Stoltze. The story is avaliable for free at his site, so you  really have no excuse not to read it before reading my thoughts.

Neglected History

The story is set in 1790, on Haiti, a period and location that is generally ignored by history, but this does not mean that there are not stories to tell there. There are so many neglected locations that could provide a new and interesting setting for a game. In addition to Haiti, most of Africa (with the exception of Egypt), is extremely neglected as a setting for an RPG.

Revenge of the Oppressed

The story takes place within a rebellion of the slaves in Haiti. This is another theme which could make for an interesting story. The characters could be the rebels, or perhaps, in a more traditional fantasy setting, the goblins decide to rise up against their orcish masters?

Another interesting game could involve the characters playing UN peace keeping troops called in to resolve the situation after such an uprising, in a more modern game? If handled well and with the right players, this could be an amazing game.