I have heard a lot about this movie way before it came out, even having read the intro comic (Inception: The Cobol Job), which gave me some idea of the setting, without spoiling anything.

Inception Poster

I have seen a lot of posts and reviews about the movie before I got around watching it, and they all made it sound like something that would be potentially confusing… some people even produced diagrams explaining the plot of the movie, which I studiously avoided for fear of spoilers.

I finally got around to watching Inception in a cinema, and I am pretty sure that it was the first movie that I had watched on my own, in an actual cinema in close to a decade.

Inception is a movie about a team that specialises in extracting information from people by entering their dreams. It is basically a heist movie set inside people’s minds. More than that I will not say, for fear of spoiling the movie for someone.

The fact is that I found the plot of the movie easy to follow, and I can see how the plot could become easily confusing in the hands of a lesser director, but Christopher Nolan does an amazing job letting us know what is happening on each level.

The characters, although more designed as vehicles for the plot and the big ideas behind it, do a good job of standing on their own. All the main characters come across as real people, with special attention paid to Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) as the main character, and Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy), the target of their heist.

The secondary characters are very strong as well, with my favourite being Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the point-man, who delivers a very subtle performance as a person who is very good at what he does.

The action scenes, especially the ones set in varying gravity are really impressive, and provide some interesting twists to the way its done. The fact that it is all a dream also helps with the suspension of disbelief in the action scenes, which is always nice. It really made me appreciate seeing the movie on the big screen.

Overall, while Inception was not the intellectually challenging movie that I had expected, it is still a brilliant movie in its own way, and I can whole heartedly recommend it to anyone. It straddles the line between mindless entertainment, and those movies that take multiple watchings to figure out.