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Day 180: 19 Words of Advice for Somebody doing the Idea Machine Protocol

Well, this is the last one, I will try and put  a more coherent post about my experience together, but in the meantime, have some advice.

  1. Pick a time to do it
  2. Commit to other people
  3. Go easy on yourself if you skip a day
  4. Some days you will not feel like it, but do it anyway
  5. The middle of the list is the hardest
  6. Be open in interpreting the topic
  7. Dare to be stupid
  8. Ideas often cluster together around the same topic
  9. If you cannot think of anything, look around you for something to spark of
  10. Do not worry if your ideas will make sense to anyone else
  11. Write down the obvious ones first
  12. Focus
  13. Use pen and paper
  14. Be patient
  15. An idea often leads to others
  16. Do not worry about being original
  17. Most of your ideas will be pretty bad
  18. At times, you will really get to feel your brain getting a workout
  19. Share the good ones

Day 179: 20 Ways I have changed as an idea machine

  1. More random ideas
  2. Feeling more confident
  3. A sense of restlessness, wanting to act
  4. More grateful
  5. Less anxious about the future
  6. Better able to contribute at work
  7. More traffic for my blog
  8. Less desire to read social media
  9. More positive
  10. Day feels more structured
  11. Occasionally feeling overwhelmed with ideas
  12. More open to sharing my ideas
  13. Met several interesting people
  14. Less fearful of approaching people I do not know
  15. Seeing potential for improvement in things around me
  16. A greater desire to contribute
  17. Better focus
  18. Clearer thinking
  19. Wanting to share my wisdom
  20. The realisation that most people struggle to come up with ideas

Day 178: 20 Phrases that should come out of our vocabulary and why

  1. Just saying – Downgrades the value and purpose of speech
  2. Playing hard to get – Outdated and promotes rape culture
  3. Natural – A meaningless distinction
  4. Slut – Echoes of the patriarchy
  5. Failure – Better to use feedback
  6. Acceptable causalities – Unless it means 0
  7. Reality TV – Since there is nothing real about it
  8. Waste of time – Often used to dismiss people and their interests
  9. Take it like a man – Sexist and dismissive
  10. Man Up – See above
  11. Unacceptable – We can accept anything
  12. To be – Often clouds our thinking and induces and unjustifiable certainty
  13. With us, or against us – False dichotomy
  14. Now now – I just find it annoying
  15. Diet – Too many negative connotations
  16. Impossible – Too often used to stop thinking
  17. We have always… – Used to limit possibilities
  18. Enemy – The first step in dehumanisation
  19. Good old days – Devaluing the present
  20. Retard – Insulting and insensitive

Day 177: 10 Ancient Recipes to Cure common Pains

I struggled with this one, I just don’t know that many folk remedies.

  1. Camomile for sleep
  2. Chicken soup for flu
  3. Wrapping feet in vinegar for fever
  4. Camomile for fever
  5. Prayer for just about anything
  6. Gin and Tonic to prevent malaria
  7. Hot springs for a variety of ailments
  8. Sauna to improve breathing
  9. Fasting
  10. Driving out evil spirits with rattles

Day 176: 20 Most powerful emotions and how I have coped with them in the past

  1. Anger – Observe it, slow down, shake, pace
  2. Fear – Observe it, breathe into it, move forward
  3. Disgust – Avoid the source, try to get some fresh air
  4. Frustration – Pace, observe, distract myself, scream
  5. Sadness – Sit, do something
  6. Joy – enjoy it
  7. Love – enjoy it
  8. Boredom – Either distract myself, or make an effort to just sit with it
  9. Gratitude – Enjoy it, share it
  10. Awe – Enjoy it, do not try to hold onto it
  11. Impatience – Distract myself or observe
  12. Regret – Let it pass, remember the events got me to where I am
  13. Curiosity – Look into it
  14. Lust – Observe it, let it pass
  15. Peace – let it be
  16. Envy – Remember the universe is abundant, send appreciation
  17. Hope – Enjoy it, embrace it, act on it
  18. Irritation – Remove the source if I can, and let it pass
  19. Guilt – Make amends, and let it pass
  20. Shame – Let it pass, remember that my life is my own

Day 175: 20 Ideas I am afraid to Give Away, because they are so Valuable

I have to be honest, that I do not have  a problem with giving away my ideas, hence only 10, and now that I look at them, I have no problem giving them away.

  1. An idea list suggestion social site
  2. A brain-training course
  3. Easy-to-take off baby swimming costumes
  4. The Door Simulator
  5. Computer leasing company
  6. Import electric blankets into Denmark
  7. Geekterest
  8. A Plane Crash Boardgame (I actually have the basic rules in my head, I really have to get them on-screen sometime)
  9. A game development skill-trading site
  10. Cellphone Ketosis Monitor


Day 174: 20 Things I would do if I had to start completely from Zero

  1. find clothing
  2. Search for Shelter
  3. Search for food
  4. Take deep breaths to not panic
  5. Acquire shoes
  6. Find other people
  7. Make my shelter as safe as I can
  8. Attempt to communicate with the people around me
  9. Try to understand my new situation
  10. Identify individuals that can help me
  11. Make long-term arrangements for a food supply
  12. Take some time to relax and center
  13. Try to figure out the seasonal cycles
  14. Look for a community to help
  15. Make sure to keep clean
  16. Take some time to plan out my next steps
  17. Walk a lot to get moving and explore
  18. Work on accepting the situation
  19. Call on the gods for help
  20. Survive

Day 173: 20 Questions we should Ask Ourselves more Often

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. What am I so afraid of?
  3. Will this matter 10 years from now?
  4. What am I resisting?
  5. What do I really want?
  6. Why does this seem so important?
  7. What am I really doing?
  8. What is my vision?
  9. Who cares?
  10. Why am I so sure of this?
  11. Is that true?
  12. How can I enjoy this?
  13. What can I be grateful for?
  14. What is good about this?
  15. Do I really want this?
  16. How can I do this better?
  17. Do I like the people around me?
  18. Is this the best use of my time?
  19. How can I enjoy myself more?
  20. Who am I?

Day 172: 17 Things I am afraid of losing, and what they point to

  1. My sight – It reminds me to look after it
  2. My mind – Look after it
  3. My family – Spend time with them while I can
  4. My short term memory – Look after my brain
  5. My independence – Look after my health
  6. My job – I need to redesign my life so that it does not affect me
  7. Myself – Accept that it will happen
  8. My life – Live it while I can
  9. My time – Make the best use of it
  10. My joy of life – Look after myself
  11. My hearing – Take care of my health
  12. My marriage – Work on our relationship and appreciate it
  13. My ability to walk – Look after my health
  14. My strength – Look after my health
  15. My net access – Have a redundant connection
  16. My daughters – Treat them well
  17. My imagination – Exercise it, and look after my health

Day 171: 20 Keeping it Real Hallmark Cards

  1. You are probably too tired to read this – For a new baby
  2. You are half the man you used to be – For losing weight
  3. Welcome back! – For returning from a trip
  4. So, you have some free time now… – For losing a job
  5. Enjoy your new office – For getting a job
  6. You are really good at sportsball – For a sports victory
  7. May you have many more! – For winning the Nobel Prize
  8. Don’t worry, you will see them soon enough – For a death in the family
  9. Well done on fulfilling your genetic imperative! – For having a child
  10. Enjoy your pair-bonding! – For a wedding
  11. I hope this one works out better than the last one – For a marriage
  12. Congratulations on your 10,000th follower – for twitter
  13. Finally old enough for Facebook – 13th Birthday card
  14. No more faking your age – 18th Birthday card
  15. We are glad you are not dead yet! – 90th Birthday card
  16. Free at last! – For quitting
  17. You will find many new ‘friends’ – For winning the lottery
  18. May you get good reviews! – For publishing a book
  19. Change is scary! – For just about anything
  20. Remember to recycle – For any card
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