A More Interesting Life

Recreating life as I go along

Day 22 – 20 People who have had an impact in my life, and why

This one is very personal… I am going to try and leave out the full names here, to protect people’s privacy. (except in the cases where the person is well known)M

  1. My mother, without her I would have had no life.
  2. My wife, for showing me that I need to plan for the future.
  3. My youngest daughter, who showed me that it is time to be an adult.
  4. My eldest daughter, thanks to whom I learned I could be responsible for another human being.
  5. My great grandmother, who got me started with a love of reading at a very young age.
  6. Jamie, who taught me to accept myself as a gamer.
  7. My debate teacher, who taught me how to think critically.
  8. Me, since everything I do comes from my own decisions.
  9. My grandfather, for making me feel loved in his own quiet way,
  10. My father, who taught me how to watch out for myself.
  11. Ryan, for being a great friend, and showing me how to see life differently.
  12. Robert Anton Wilson, for showing me how little I know.
  13. Alastair, from whom I learned the importance of nature.
  14. My youngest daughter, who showed me that it is time to be an adult.
  15. Claudia Altucher, who showed me a method to grow my mind.
  16. Arthur C. Clarke, thanks to whom I learned how fascinating science is.
  17. Chaka, who showed me that an accountant can be cool.
  18. Lauren, who showed me that you can overcome anything.
  19. Adam, who helped me overcome my impostor syndrome.
  20. Johnny, who helped me through the process of finding my current position.

Day 21 – 20 Titles for the Books of My Wisdom, and three Contents Entries for each

This one really made me sweat… Still not 100% sure about some of them.

  1. Be a little bit mad
    – We are all mad
    – Seek the mad
    – When to hide your madness
  2. No Straight Lines
    – Life of Surprises
    – Prepare lots, plan little
    – Relax
  3. Connect (even if you are an introvert)
    – Listen
    – They don’t care about you (and that is a good thing)
    – What to say when you have nothing to say
  4. You are here
    – Always displaced
    – Accepting what is
    – Playing the cards you are dealt
  5. Countries are ending
    – One world
    – Artificial boundaries
    – Moving forward
  6. Everybody is human (even when they are not)
    – A short history of dehumanisation
    – A costly short-cut
    – Compassion is not (always) soft
  7. Accidents happen
    – It was not on purpose
    – Chaos is good
    – Growing luck
  8. Drinking from a fire-hose
    – Information vs. Noise
    – Be quick to delete
    – You don’t need an opinion
  9. I know nothing
    – A long history of ignorance
    – Enjoy being wrong
    – Dealing with the unknowingly ignorant
  10. All stories are true
    – Mythos and logos
    – The power of myth
    – Tell your story
  11. There is no best answer
    – Avoiding analysis paralysis
    – There isn’t always a solution
    – Being OK with making a mistake
  12. Look after yourself
    – Health matters
    – Putting yourself first
    – Who to listen to
  13. Clichés are true
    – You live and you learn
    – Ignorance is bliss
    – Don’t worry, be happy
  14. The importance of a misspent youth
    – Take risks
    – You can survive anything (until you don’t)
    – It’s not too late
  15. At least it wasn’t boring
    – Taking chances
    – Serendipity
    – Unknown
  16. Keep Learning
    – Education does not end
    – How to learn
    – Learning is our nature
  17. Right now
    – The moment of power
    – No tomorrow
    – Stop
  18. Share your wisdom
    – I know nothing
    – Noticing what you know
    – It is not obvious
  19. Always be starting
    – You are incomplete
    – Beginner’s mind
    – Getting comfortable
  20. Feelings are overrated
    – No longer on the savannah
    – Dealing with your inner caveman
    – When feelings do matter

Day 20 – 19 Things I am grateful Right Now

… Or at least 20 things I was grateful for when coming up with this list. For this one, I ended up skipping number 14, which is why only 19 items.

  1. Having a good pen
  2. Having a nice notebook
  3. My comfortable chair
  4. A chance to play around with a 3D printer
  5. Having a babbling baby in the background
  6. My Kindle
  7. The Statue of Ganesha on my Desk
  8. Sertraline
  9. The grey hairs in my beard, that make me look more dignified
  10. The fact that we are having Sushi for lunch
  11. That I live in Denmark
  12. Having a fast internet connection
  13. Discovering the LCHF Diet
  14. Being able to breath smoothly
  15. That the cut on my hand has almost healed
  16. Having my own study
  17. Having healthy teeth
  18. Having a house with a Garden
  19. My Dog

Day 19 – 20 Ways to Improve my Mental Practice

  1. One day, write a full paragraph for each idea.
  2. Listen to podcasts while I walk.
  3. Note key points from anything I read.
  4. Start writing a page a day.
  5. Use a timer to focus on each task for 25 minutes.
  6. Read a very detailed science article.
  7. Notice when I am upset, and breathe into it.
  8. Try using E Prime for a week.
  9. Do a  Duolingo lesson every day.
  10. Find a book of puzzles, and do one every day.
  11. Stop complaining.
  12. Plan my approach when encountering a problem.
  13. Attend an unfamiliar talk.
  14. Try reading for 20 minutes before starting with the ideas.
  15. Meditate twice a day.
  16. Start exercising.
  17. Take a Ginkgo Biloba supplement
  18. Read a book in Serbian.
  19. Draw 20 ideas instead of writing them.
  20. After a powerful experience, take the time to reflect on what I have learned, and how to apply it in the future.

Day 18 – 20 Ways I could Improve my Emotional Practice

  1. Hug my wife and daughters more often.
  2. Join a club to meet more people.
  3. Surprise my wife with flowers.
  4. Email my friends back in Cape Town, to see how they are doing.
  5. Attend an interesting meetup.
  6. Talk to my co-workers more about their lives.
  7. Unfriend negative people on Facebook.
  8. Arrange to meet people I know in Copenhagen face to face.
  9. Get back in touch with old friends from University.
  10. Take my daughters for a walk.
  11. Smile at the people around me more often.
  12. Talk to my daughter about her day when I come back from work.
  13. Email my sister to see what she is working on, and how I can help.
  14. Email 20 people whose online work was valuable to me, to thank them.
  15. Start going to the monthly beer with co-workers.
  16. Organise a lunch meeting to talk about interesting topics.
  17. Get in touch with my mindfulness group.
  18. Phone my mother.
  19. Find or Organise a choose yourself meetup.
  20. Play with my baby daughter more often.

Day 17 – 20 Ways I could Improve my Physical Practice

Coming up with 20 of those was tough… Some of them are not very good.

  1. Start taking a probiotic
  2. Walk to work from the station, instead of taking the bus
  3. Fast twice a week
  4. Get up and walk about once an hour while at work
  5. Use the standing desk more
  6. Take cold showers
  7. Start regular body-weight exercises
  8. Take the time to stretch during the day
  9. Floss more often
  10. Make sure I wear my backpack properly on my way to and from work
  11. Get a more supportive mattress
  12. Take a baby aspirin every day
  13. Eat less potatoes
  14. Reduce dairy
  15. Get good quality mold-free coffee
  16. Don’t have any snacks after supper
  17. Start taking the stairs at the station
  18. Stretch every now and then (yes, I know this is a kind of repeat, I did not notice until I typed them up)
  19. Meditate twice a day
  20. Do a daily Qi Gong practice

Day 16 – 20 Ways I could step out of my Comfort Zone this Week

This was more of a challenge than I expected… Not really sure what I will try from here.

  1. Shave my beard
  2. Lie down on the train for 30 seconds
  3. Wear shorts to work
  4. Work for a day without my Todo list
  5. Switch to using Microsoft Edge for a week
  6. Send a list of 10 ideas for the hololens
  7. Start a conversation with a stranger on a train
  8. Don’t make breakfast one morning
  9. Ask to run the daily Scrum meeting
  10. Use the standing desk for two hours
  11. Comment on a Code Review in a project I know nothing about
  12. Try out my Danish on a co-worker
  13. Start a game of Diplomacy on G+
  14. See if I can get in on the next site visit to the new office
  15. Ask to keep the 3D printer for longer
  16. Leave work early for no reason
  17. Only write 10 ideas for one day
  18. Sit with people I do not know during lunch
  19. Try to order Sushi in Danish
  20. Pretend I do not speak English at a shop

Day 15 – 20 Things I have at Home, that I no Longer need, and what to do with them

This one came surprisingly easy… For some of these, I would have to talk to my family, in case anybody else wants them

  1. A bag full of recyclable plastic bottles – take them to recycling
  2. Crappy cheap stylus I bought a while ago – throw away
  3. The PC Game Controller – Sell
  4. Telkom Router – Sell
  5. DVD Player – Sell
  6. Blackberry Playbook – Sell
  7. Serbian cartoon DVDs – Check if there is anything bizzare enough to preserve, then throw away
  8. DVDs – donate
  9. CDs that are too damaged/old to play – throw away
  10. Baby clothes that no longer fit – donate
  11. Voksi – sell
  12. Duplicate allen keys – throw away
  13. Empty card board boxes – recycle
  14. Tube of old spare screws – throw away
  15. Old IKEA manuals – throw away
  16. Old banks cards, from accounts I closed – cut up and throw away
  17. Books about tourist Copenhagen – donate
  18. Xbox games that nobody in the family plays – sell
  19. Way too many plastic bags – throw away
  20. My dog’s toy that the never plays with – try to give it to him one more time, then throw away

Day 14 – 20 Ideas for Articles

For some reason I really struggled with this one. It took me ages to come up with 20, and I have a feeling that I got a bit confused about some of the publications…

  1. The History of Money – From barter to Cryptocurrency. To publish in the New York Times
  2. An article about the modern research into the pros and cons of goal setting. To publish in Psychology Today
  3. An in-depth article looking into the motivation of people doing retro remakes. To publish on Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  4. An article about cold war-era spycraft. To Publish in Brain Pickings
  5. An article about learning new phonemes as an adult. To publish on a how-to site
  6. An article about the modern followers of the ancient Egyptian religion. To publish on the Verge
  7. An article looking at how steampunk fashion developed. To publish on Geeks are Sexy
  8. An article about the psychological implications of augmented reality. To publish in Wired
  9. An article discussing how the modern world is both similar and different to the world presented in Neuromancer. To publish on io9
  10. A look at the latest developments in quantum computing. To publish in Wired
  11. An article about ‘real’ superhero culture. To publish on The Verge
  12. An article about the cultural changes in Microsoft since Satya took over as CEO. To publish on Microsoft’s blog
  13. An article examining the impact of HIIT training when going straight from a sedentary lifestyle. To publish on Nerd Fitness
  14. An article examining how serial killers have changed their MO with the rise of social media. To publish in The Village Voice
  15. An article about games meant to create happiness. To publish on Rock Paper Shotgun
  16. An article comparing Nordic and South African LARP. To publish in the next Nordic LARP book
  17. An article about how 3D Printing and manufacturing has changed the board game industry. To publish on BoardGameGeek
  18. An article about Lifestyle hackers who choose not to travel. To publish on Local 180
  19. An article about how Synereo will affect the current social media ecosystem. To publish on the Synereo blog.
  20. An article looking at humans’ innate preference for round numbers. To publish in Psychology Today

Day 13 – 20 Ways I could Generate Passive Income within the next Three months, and the Next Action for Each

Well, this one is kind of important… I really struggled with some of these

  1. Put AdSense on my blog. I would need to add some adds to a widget, and put some effort into promoting the blog.
  2. Start a newsletter with curated resources, subscription based. I would need to set up Mailchimp, create a sign up page, and promote it.
  3. Start a patreon for people to support me for sharing and coming up with ideas. I would need to sign up for patreon, decide how to structure it, and start promoting it.
  4. Finish the app I am working on, and place it in appstores. For the next step, I would have to test the DB setup on it.
  5. Create a short intro to programming course on Udemy. For the next action I would have to sign up on Udemy, create the course and promote it.
  6. Become more active in writing on, and promoting Tsu.
  7. Write a novella and publish it on Kindle. As the next step, I would have to come up with 20 ideas for a novella, pick one and write it.
  8. Promote my webfluential account, and get people to pay me for tweets. For my next step, I would need to announce my webfluential account.
  9. Start a vlog, and run youtube ads on it. For the next step, I would need to set up my webcam, make a video, upload and promote it.
  10. Create a short product teaching people how to use G+, and upload it on ClickBank. I would need to create the product as my next step.
  11. Start using a link-advertising service for the links I post. For the next action, I would need to decide on a  service, sign up for it, and start using it when I share.
  12. Start a product of the day twitter account, and tweet a link to an interesting product each day. I would need to create the twitter account for that, start tweeting and promote it.
  13. Start a Copenhagen box business, where I would send out a box of Copenhagen mementos to those that want them. I would need to decide what would go in the box, find good shipping, set up a site, and promote the business.
  14. Start a twitch steaming channel and ask for donations. I would need to set up my Twitch account properly, and start making recordings.
  15. Save enough to open an interest-bearing account. For the next step, I would need to find out what the minimum is for my bank,
  16. Create a small game with advertising, and publish it on Kongregate. For the next step, I would have to create a project in Unity for the game.
  17. Create a quote-of-the-day app and publish it. The next step would be to collect some quotes and write the app.
  18. Make Lego stop-motion videos and post them on Youtube. For the next step, I would need to write 20 ideas for a script.
  19. Find interesting things on Amazon, and post affiliate links to Pinterest.
  20. Write an easily reskinnable mobile game in Unity, and sell the source code. I would need to come up with the idea for a reskinnable game, and write it.


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