A More Interesting Life

Recreating life as I go along

Day 155: 20 Surefire ways to Destroy your Relationship

  1. Direct nuclear hit
  2. Refuse to work on it
  3. Ignore the other person
  4. Always point out the other person’s faults
  5. Hold a grudge
  6. Break the other person’s trust
  7. Stop respecting the other person
  8. Become abusive
  9. Do not spend any time with the other person
  10. Continually question the relationship
  11. Leave
  12. Think only of yourself
  13. Stop looking after yourself
  14. Distrust the other person
  15. Be continually rude
  16. Always insist on having your own way
  17. Never admit when you are wrong
  18. Refuse to see the other person’s point of view
  19. Never forgive
  20. Blame the other person for your own problems

Day 154: 20 Tips for Public Speaking

  1. Keep a glass of water nearby
  2. Center yourself before you begin
  3. Stand up straight
  4. Remember to gesture
  5. Speak slower
  6. Walk a bit
  7. Shake out your limbs before going on stage
  8. Speak from your diaphragm
  9. Remember to pause
  10. Do not umm…
  11. Face the audience while talking
  12. Use examples
  13. Look at your audience
  14. Introduce yourself and your topic
  15. Watch a stand-up comedian before going on
  16. If you see the audience zoning out, move on the stage, or change your approach
  17. Relax your face before starting
  18. Remember to smile
  19. Speak clearly
  20. Glance at the clock periodically to pace yourself

Day 153: 20 Ways to Improve your Writing

  1. Write 10 ideas a day
  2. Do morning pages
  3. Do a creative writing course
  4. Read  a lot
  5. Get somebody to criticize your writing
  6. Read some bad writing, and understand the mistakes the author made
  7. Read On Writing
  8. Take regular breaks
  9. Exercise
  10. Meditate
  11. Freewrite
  12. Revise what you have written
  13. Read what you have written out loud
  14. Remove useless words
  15. Do not use the passive voice
  16. Modafinil
  17. Always write at the same time each day
  18. Have a short ritual to get in the right mindspace
  19. End the days writing in the middle of a sentence
  20. Eliminate distractions

Day 152: 20 Articles I would Like to Read from Experts in Medicine

  1. The top 10 commonly prescribed treatments with no research backing them
  2. Use of Aspirin to reduce cancer risk and treat depression
  3. Plans to deal with antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  4. Analysis of the causes of progeria
  5. The impact of prolonged sitting
  6. Research into people who only need 6h sleep
  7. The rise of nootropics
  8. Research into the effects of Modafinil
  9. The impact of Dopamine in treating depression
  10. The impact of inflammation on brain function
  11. The impact of LCHF on Type-1 Diabetes
  12. The current research on spontaneous remissions
  13. The potential of stem-cell treatments
  14. The changing role of cholesterol
  15. The impact of strength training on the brain
  16. Minimum effective dose of cardio
  17. How to prevent back pain
  18. The current research into male contraception
  19. RSI risks of smartphones
  20. The current research into the impact of gut fauna

Day 151: 20 Ideas to Monetise a Website or Podcast

  1. AdSense
  2. Direct Ad Sales
  3. Have Subscriber-only posts
  4. Offer a Udemy course
  5. Collect a bunch of posts and sell them together as a book
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Sponsored Posts
  8. Offer Consulting
  9. Patreon
  10. Use as portfolio to get freelance work
  11. Sell T-Shirts and mugs with site logo
  12. Etsy store
  13. Virtual tip jar
  14. Create a paid-for forum section
  15. Charge for personal consultations
  16. Use the site to get funding for other creative projects
  17. Apply for work as a social media manager
  18. Sell the site
  19. Start a mailing list, and sell advertising on it
  20. Add link-ads

Day 150: 20 Themes for Ideas Other People Could Write to Help Others

  1. 10 ways to Improve Uber
  2. 10 ways to help alleviate poverty
  3. 10 ways to feel more confident
  4. 10 movies everyone should see
  5. 10 ways to improve education
  6. 10 ways to improve Google Play
  7. 10 ways to market a book
  8. 10 idea lists you need to come up with
  9. 10 fun things to do in your city
  10. 10 games everyone should play
  11. 10 ways to improve the economy
  12. 10 jobs that will become important in the future
  13. 10 great resources for learning
  14. 10 ways to tell a story
  15. 10 pieces of advice you want to give
  16. 10 ways for a charity to raise money
  17. 10 suggestions for the nearest zoo
  18. 10 suggestions for Ikea to improve their business
  19. 10 ways to help refugees
  20. 10 ways to make use of AR

Day 149: 20 Themes others could write ideas on to make their lives better

  1. 10 ways to improve my relationship with my family
  2. 10 ways I could make more friends
  3. 10 things I could do today to become 1% better
  4. 10 things I like about myself
  5. 10 things I enjoy doing
  6. 10 ways to remember to be more grateful
  7. 10 things I should get rid of
  8. 10 ways to grow my idea muscle
  9. 10 people I enjoy spending time with, and why
  10. 10 things I already do to improve  myself
  11. 10 things I want to learn
  12. 10 accomplishments I am proud of
  13. 10 things I have learned in the past week
  14. 10 ways I can make sure I use what I learn
  15. 10 things I want more of in my life
  16. My 10 most treasured memories
  17. 10 habits I wish I had
  18. 10 people I am grateful for
  19. 10 things I hope to happen in the next year
  20. 10 Synchronicities I have experienced recently

Day 148: 20 Classes I did that I really Liked, and Why

The fact is that I prefer learning things on my own, so I have not been to that many classes.

  1. Tai Chi Class – The teacher went into a great deal of interesting historical detail
  2. Alpha Brain Course – There was a great energy among the participants
  3. Barefoot Doctor’s Class – Hilarious and enlightening at the same time
  4. Ballroom Dancing – Helped me feel more confident with my body
  5. Another Tai Chi Class – Helped me to learn to relax and center myself
  6. Yoga Class – Helped me to appreciate the historical and mythic underpinnings of Yoga
  7. Danish Evening Class – A good teacher, and nice co-students
  8. Windows 8 App Development Class – Really made me want to dive in and develop some apps
  9. The Mindfulness Class – It allowed me a place to focus on my own well-being during work hours
  10. A+ Course – It allowed me some fun of working with my hands
  11. The Distances Class at University – Perfect difficulty level for me
  12. Self-confidence Training – A chance to meet and interact with some interesting people at my company
  13. Quantum Mechanics – Very interesting and challenging
  14. Jiu-jitsu – It’s sometimes fun throwing people to the ground
  15. Applied Mathematics – I found the content interesting
  16. Scrum Training – Interesting subject matter, presented well
  17. Antenatal Class – Allowed me to feel prepared, for a very short time
  18. Buying a Business Class – Allowed me to appreciate some of the complexities of owning and running a business
  19. General Theory of Relativity – It gave my brain a real workout
  20. French Class in Highschool – It was fun being the only student

Day 147: 20 Suggestions for Getting out of Debt

Disclaimer: I have no idea what I am talking about

  1. Read Millionaire Fastlane
  2. Write 10 ideas a day
  3. Renegotiate your debts
  4. Pay off the smaller debts first
  5. Ask family for help
  6. Aggregate your debts
  7. Pay a bit each month
  8. Be patient
  9. Research if you can get more favourable terms from another bank
  10. Do not take on more debt
  11. Read The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth
  12. Do a ritual invoking Jupiter
  13. Move to a cheaper place
  14. Use fiverr to make some extra cash
  15. Write a book and sell it on Amazon
  16. Look for jobs on Upwork
  17. Move to another country
  18. Sell off stuff you do not need
  19. Meditate
  20. See a financial advisor

Day 146: 20 Characteristics of a Great Teacher

  1. Patience
  2. Sense of Humor
  3. Love of Learning
  4. The ability to express themselves
  5. Humility
  6. The ability to encourage learning in others
  7. Knowledge
  8. Curiosity
  9. Compassion
  10. Empathy
  11. The ability to engage with their students
  12. The ability to listen
  13. The ability to entertain
  14. Tolerance of mistakes
  15. The desire to help their students
  16. Self-confidence
  17. The ability to present information at their student’s level
  18. The ability to lead their students out of their comfort zones
  19. The ability to support students in learning for themselves
  20. Adaptability
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