A More Interesting Life

Recreating life as I go along

Day 89: 20 Ways I Could Improve my Life by 1% this Month

  1. Start meditating in the mornings
  2. Keep a dream journal
  3. Do strength training 3 times a week
  4. Make sure to walk for minimum half an hour every day
  5. Fast twice a week
  6. Start keeping a done list
  7. List three things I am grateful for every day
  8. Visit the Bastard Cafe
  9. Read with my daughter every day
  10. Do daily Danish Duoling sessions
  11. Continue with the Paleo diet
  12. Write 1 blog article/week
  13. Start doing morning pages
  14. Eat less fruit to reduce my fructose intake
  15. Take breaks during the day to just breathe
  16. Start journaling
  17. Do daily pranayama
  18. Start writing my book
  19. Sop complaining
  20. Do one thing I am afraid of every day

Day 88: 20 Stream of Consciousness Paragraphs

Yet more insight into the self-referential loop that tries to pass itself off as my mind!

  1. Start now, there is a baby playing in front of me, she seems fascinated by the long wooden block I gave her, and is busy talking to it.
  2. Start now, it is the time to change the world, and to see how you can take this forward. Do not hesitate, for then you will get lost.
  3. Start now, and try to write something profound, without falling into banalities.
  4. Start now, and continue on with where you were going. There really is no point to this exercise, which is what you need.
  5. Start now, even if you are already a quarter of the way through, everything is a new beginning, a new chance to take it another direction.
  6. Start now, surprise yourself with where you go.
  7. Start now, a prose poem, no respect for diction, eternal, unchanging, one line says it all.
  8. Start now, and get lost in self-reference.
  9. Start now, the flowers are blooming, the world is busy waking up. There is a dawn behind the curtain.
  10. Start now. I live in a small town, yet a 20 minutes train ride from the main city.
  11. Start now, and live more.
  12. Start now, and never finish. Beginners mind takes all.
  13. Start now, no time to think, just spill it all out. There are a million ways to say the same thing, and at this rate I will find all of them.
  14. Start now, and relax into the flow, it will take you where you need to be, which is rarely where you expected to go.
  15. Start now, and reach out to someone, anyone. You have nothing to lose.
  16. Start now, the mistakes are part of the process. Accept them, love them, thank them, and get rid of them. No need to hold on.
  17. Start now, just a braindump, getting the flotsam and jetsam onto paper. There is always more.
  18. Start now and see where it takes you. Repetition can be good.
  19. Start now with the end in mind as you run/crawl towards the moving finish line.
  20. Start now, with no idea what you are saying, just that it needs to be said.

Day 87: 20 Dreams I remember from my life, and what they were about

I really struggled to remember this many, and some of them are very vague…

  1. The very first one I remember. I must have been very young, since I was still sleeping in a cot. I dreamed that a crab-like creature came into the room, and when I cried, my father came in and threw it out of the window.
  2. A dream with two triangles, one pointing down, and with a stylised sun in the center, the other pointing up, with an eye of horus. They meet in the middle, forming a single symbol.
  3. I walk to university, and go to classes. At some point I realise that I forgot to get dressed that morning, but nobody has noticed (I have had a couple of variations on this one)
  4. A dream in which I run into a friend I have not seen in a long time, and we go to a club we used to frequent, again
  5. A stray dog comes into the office, and we make it the company mascot
  6. At least once, I dreamed that I continued working on the code I was working on during the day
  7. Dreaming that I am explaining something to someone
  8. I am in prison, and one of the other prisoners shivs me, killing me
  9. A dream in which I learn that the meaning of life is a kalabash (I actually had to look up what that was when I woke up
  10. When I was very young, I once dreamed that I rolled out of bed, out of our apartment, down the stairs and into the street.
  11. Before I actually learned how to drive, I dreamed that I was driving on a narrow cliff-side road
  12. Sometimes I dream I am back at university, just walking around and talking to people
  13. I dreamed that I was at a club with a friend of mine, and she showed me a baggie full of pills, I pointed out that it was aspirin, so we went to search for some real stuff.
  14. I dreamed that I was watching a movie, and became a character in it
  15. I dreamed that I was at an exam, at university
  16. I once dreamed that I could not move at all. I found it utterly terrifying
  17. I had a dream in which I was going through a pile of magazines, looking for clippings
  18. A dream of a two storey house, in the middle of nowhere
  19. A dream with just an overwhelming sense of weirdness and confusion, and nothing else
  20. A dream in which I was tracking spaceships, for some reason it was very important that they could be divided into groups of five

Day 86: 20 Things I could do to get out of a Funk

  1. Focus on my breath
  2. Go for a run
  3. Take deep breaths
  4. Read something inspiring
  5. Drink a bullet proof coffee
  6. Do a lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
  7. Play with my dog
  8. Hug my wife
  9. Go for a walk
  10. Freewrite about what is on my mind
  11. Listen to some good music
  12. Have a cold shower
  13. Do the 5 minute energy routine
  14. Do Qi Gong
  15. Think of things I am grateful for
  16. Watch cute videos on YouTube
  17. Drink a large glass of water and eat some fruit
  18. Focus on what I am doing in the moment
  19. Paint something
  20. Have a nap

Day 85: 20 Things I Want to do Before I Die

Coming up with 20 things was a lot harder than I thought.

  1. Travel to Space
  2. Visit Tokyo
  3. Write a book
  4. Create a Game
  5. Attend a meditation retreat
  6. Participate in an Ayahusca Ceremony
  7. Fly in a Zeppelin
  8. Go Skydiving
  9. Visit London
  10. Try Zorbing
  11. Go Hang-gliding
  12. Enjoy life as much as I can
  13. Go skiing
  14. Run a successful business
  15. Eat real kobe beef
  16. Watch my daughters grow up
  17. Learn a martial art
  18. Visit the Tiger Temple
  19. Drive in a luxury self-driving car
  20. Visit the salt flats

Fear the Liberator by Mars Dorian

Now, it is time to take a break from the #ideamachine posts (fear not, they will continue each day). Mars Dorian was kind enough to send me a review copy of his Science Fiction book: Fear the Liberator, and so here is the review of it,

Fear the Liberator is Mars Dorian’s first foray into fiction, and it is a story of unit RX-88, an interstellar mercenary in a distant future, who crashes on a planet, and discovers a strange human colony. The novel then focuses on his relationship with the colonists, and solving the mysteries around it.

As a first fiction book, there are some problems in the prose, as a bit too much information is provided to the reader, although Mars does avoid descending into data dumps. The story takes a bit of time to get really going, although that does provide great insight into the society that RX-88 lived in before encountering the colony. In the beginning, I felt like I was reading some standard military SF, but the direction and the tone changed as the story progressed.

The book is definitely a case of relying more on the story than the characters. While the characters are just interesting enough to keep the story moving, the focus is firmly on the world building and the plot, which manages to provide a great air of mystery, and includes several twists.

The book is definitely on the softer side of science fiction, but once you accept that,  it is an intriguing and interesting story. It definitely feels like a start of a longer series, and I hope that Mars will continue the story.

Fear The Liberator is Available on Amazon.

Day 84: 20 Ways building my idea muscle influenced me

  1. Feeling far more open to opportunities
  2. Constantly coming up with things to do
  3. Greater sense of being able to cope with unexpected situations
  4. Occasional feeling of overwhelm because I do not have the time to act on all my ideas
  5. A growing desire to share my ideas with the world
  6. An increased sense of confidence in my ability to stick to things
  7. More open to listening to other people’s ideas
  8. Spending less time reading the ideas of other people, more time implementing my own
  9. Greater feeling of having something to offer the world
  10. More ambitious about my projects and future
  11. Thinking more about the kind of people I want in my life and how to find them
  12. More time spent in self-reflection, figuring out my values and priorities
  13. Less resistance to sharing my ideas
  14. Growing desire to keep improving my life
  15. More blog update
  16. A realisation of how stuck I am in my comfort zone
  17. My first step when thinking of a new project is to come up with 10 or 20 ideas
  18. A couple of occasions when ideas would just arise in my head, and run away with me
  19. Greater acceptance if my life as it is
  20. More hope for the future

Day 83: The Ways that people I have not been in touch with for a while match what Richard Branson is all about

This is a case of integrating Day 73 and Day 75

  1. My family friend in Serbia – Showmanship, she definitely has her own style, and really seems to enjoy life
  2. The aforementioned friend’s father –He has a strong sense of entrepreneurship, is constantly making deals, and family is very important to him
  3. My cousin – She is an entrepreneur and very independant
  4. My RPG group member – Determined to grow people and contribute to the world as much as he can
  5. The GM for the group – Writes a lot, has a strong vision, while maintaining awareness of the possibilities
  6. A writer friend of mine – Writer, fiercely independent, and open to trying new things
  7. An old friend from University –Very independant, and grows the people around him in his own way
  8. Another old friend – Very independant, and really enjoys life
  9. A friend that I worked with a while ago – Enjoys life, and wealth and family are very important to him
  10. My grandmother – Family is very important to her, and she has maintained a great deal of independence despite her advanced years
  11. My other grandmother – Family is very important to her
  12. My dad – Family is important to him, and he is always on the lookout for new opportunities
  13. Yet another old friend – Very independant, and has a strong sense of adventure
  14. A film-maker friend – Very independent and adventurous
  15. High school friend – Has an entrepreneurial mindset and wealth is very important to him
  16. The other high school friend – His family is important to him
  17. The friend I had in Johannesburg – Very independent and adventurous
  18. Another JHB friend – Determined to contribute, teach and grown people
  19. Yet another friend from JHB – Adventurous and enjoys life
  20. My old boss – Good at teaching and growing people, and family is important to him

Day 82: 20 Ideas for Selfies that Give a Philosophical Message

I am not really into taking selfies, but this was kind of fun. If anybody actually takes those, send them my way.

  1. The background is in focus, rather than the person
  2. Wearing a mask
  3. A selfie while taking a selfie
  4. A selfie in the dark
  5. A selfie with everybody in the background taking selfies as well
  6. Reading a book with a bonfire in the background
  7. Smoking in front of a no-smoking sign
  8. An old person and a baby
  9. A selfie in a museum, in front of a great painting
  10. A woman’s selfie with half her face made up
  11. A selfie with the person edited out, leaving a white void
  12. In front of a roaring lion
  13. Between two mirrors reflecting each other
  14. A buddhist monk and catholic priest in a selfie together
  15. A mirror in the trash in the background
  16. Half-devil, half-angel face
  17. A selfie while looking at a phone
  18. A selfie in VR gear
  19. A selfie of two boxers after a fight
  20. A selfie in a doorway

Day 81: 20 Expressions We Often use that do not Necessarily Mean what We Think they Mean, or which may be inappropriate

I really struggled to come up with these… I hope you appreciate them!

  1. Sleeping like a baby – Babies wake up once every 1-2h, often screaming
  2. Going the extra mile – That should mean that you are lost
  3. The bees knees – Bees are invertebrates… and even if they did have knees, what would be so great about them?
  4. It’s alway the last place you look – Of course, you found it, so you top looking
  5. A dog’s life – Most dogs I know get regular meals, and spend their time playing and sleeping
  6. Feeling blue – Blue is actually a very relaxing colour
  7. To the best of my knowledge… – That actually applies to everything you say, except when you are lying
  8. To rat someone out – Rats are actually very sweet creatures
  9. Riding shotgun – Most roads are safe enough not to require a shotgun, and even if you need one, won’t sitting at the back give you a better field of fire?
  10. Decimate – Originally meant to kill one in 10
  11. Having a big heart – A serious medical condition
  12. Heartless – An even more serious medical condition
  13. Apple of my eye – This just makes no sense… Why does you eye have fruit of its own?
  14. Cannot see a damned thing – Seeing souls condemned to hell would probably be even more disturbing
  15. Best thing since sliced bread – What was so great about sliced bread?
  16. Clean as a whistle – Whistles are actually rather dirty, especially if they have been used
  17. Wolf Whistle – I am pretty sure wolves cannot whistle
  18. Drinks like a fish – Fish don’t really drink
  19. Somebody’s on fire (meaning doing well) – Generally people who are actually on fire are not considered in the best of shape
  20. Now now – A South African expression meaning “At some point in the future”
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