A More Interesting Life

Recreating life as I go along

Day 120: 20 Products I could Review, and one Good Thing I could say

  1. The HTC One M8 – It feels very smooth during use
  2. The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth – Provides a lot of ideas, and a new perspective on life.
  3. My backpack – Extremely comfortable
  4. The Book of the Breast – Vintage Wilson, challenging and entertaining
  5. Enemy Mine – A good story, well told
  6. Advanced Magick for Beginners – An extremely simple magickal paradigm
  7. The Tiger Headphones – Comfortable, work well, and very cheap
  8. Bronx shoes – Tough and look good
  9. Peugeot 108 – A very cute, practical car
  10. The Logitech Mouse – Very comfortable and responsive
  11. The HTC One cover – Good grip and looks good
  12. The Reddit Now app – Attractive UI
  13. Why you are Fat – Thought provoking and interesting
  14. The Kindle – very robust
  15. The Tiger iPad keyboard – Great price to value ratio
  16. Gotu Kola – Concentration improved
  17. Donut peaches – Really tasty
  18. Spare iPhone cable – More attractive than the default one
  19. Choose Yourself – Challenging and entertaining
  20. Becoming an Idea Machine – Inspiring

Day 119: 20 Mind/Body Hacks I Learned in the Past 12 Months

It was actually hard to think of 20, and there are some I have not actually tried yet.

  1. Sertraline
  2. Mindful Breaks
  3. Power Five minutes
  4. FVP
  5. The Idea Machine Protocol
  6. Incorporating tubers and a bit of carbs into my diet
  7. Zinc
  8. Magnesium
  9. Removing dairy
  10. Single-focusing
  11. Inspiring Password
  12. Lion´s Mane
  13. Modafinil
  14. Increasing amount of fish and seafood
  15. Not snacking after dinner
  16. The “I Love Myself” mantra
  17. Standing push-ups
  18. Taking walking breaks
  19. Breath-focusing when anxious
  20. Fasting and Brain performance

Day 118: 20 Ways I could generate an extra $300 in the next week

I should actually try some of these.

  1. Sell some of my Microsoft stock
  2. Sell our projector
  3. Write and sell a book about interviewing on Skype
  4. Find and promote a high-ticket affiliate item
  5. Write articles for APlus
  6. Do several projects on UpWork
  7. Sell my time on the site where consultants get paid by the minute
  8. Do dog-walking in the neighbourhood
  9. Collect pre-orders for my biltong box idea
  10. Seriously hustle on tsu
  11. Do freelance writing
  12. Look for people who have problems on Twitter, and send them to affiliate sites that can help
  13. Create a short programming course on Udemy
  14. Finish off my app, and put it up on the Play store
  15. Sell proof-reading services on Fiverr
  16. Find shops willing to pay me for managing their social media presence
  17. Offer Tarot readings at Flea Markets
  18. Run a meditation class at the community center
  19. Online poker
  20. Offer to mow lawns in the neighbourhood

Day 117: 20 Suggestions for Richard Branson about Space Tourism

As some of you may have picked up, I have a bit of an obsession with Sir Richard Branson, but this time this was the actual topic.

  1. Sell Access to the VR version of the experience
  2. Offer a service for people to get things into orbit as part of the launch
  3. Create an investment product geared for people who want to get into space
  4. Sell model kits of the spacecraft
  5. Have a reality show about the preparation and the trip
  6. Create a space hotel, that could be used as a staging point for the moon
  7. Ticket sales to view the launch
  8. Offer free trips to scientists that submit interesting proposals, in exchange for a stake in any discoveries
  9. Paid-for microgravity experiments
  10. Mapping out space debris for safety reasons
  11. Special event tours (e.g. Asteroid passes)
  12. Allow people to take pets with
  13. Make the data obtained publically available
  14. Offer just the training for people, without the launch
  15. Sponsor a space museum
  16. Expand into asteroid mining
  17. Zero-G materials and manufacturing
  18. License technology to other companies
  19. Collect medical data on the effects of Microgravity
  20. An app to let people know when a Virgin Galactic craft is overhead, and where

Day 116: 20 Ideas for the Mayor of Egedal to Increase Tourism and Improve Population Flow

This was a challenging one.

  1. A blog about the highlights of Egedal
  2. Beacons at each station, providing info about the surrounding area
  3. Pamphlets about the surrounding area at each station
  4. Weekly craft market with local artists and artisans
  5. Official Egedal Instagram account
  6. Egedal photo competition
  7. A loyalty card covering several local businesses
  8. Getting a travel magazine to write about the area
  9. An Egedal week, consisting of various events in the area
  10. An Egedal Wine and Food tour
  11. A model-airplane show at the airport
  12. An Egedal schools sports tournament
  13. Promoting the horse-riding lessons in children’s magazines
  14. An Egedal YouTube Channel
  15. Egedal tourist leaflets at airport
  16. Sponsored beacons at local business to use to increase awareness
  17. Organise guided tours of the area
  18. An Egedal scavenger hunt
  19. A mailing list
  20. Make the site more attractive, and focus on what is interesting about the municipality

Day 115: 20 Businesses that could be Built on Top of LinkedIn

I am planning to email this to LinkedIn as soon as I figure out who to send it to. If you know someone, feel free to direct them to this page.

  1. Monitoring the kinds of positions somebody is applying to, and offering relevant training
  2. Matching skills and position requirements automatically
  3. A profile optimization consultant
  4. Offer to make better photos for people
  5. Offer certification directly in LinkedIn
  6. Doing a statistical analysis to give a chance of success when considering applying for a position
  7. A service to allow somebody to filter job searches to include things like working from home, flexitime, relocation, etc.
  8. Approaching companies with high turn over and offer them HR consulting
  9. A consulting service for companies wanting to improve or set up their LinkedIn presence
  10. Creating pay-for groups in partnership with influencers
  11. Adding a project bidding layer (like UpWork)
  12. A series of books from the influencers
  13. Career and personality tests as part of LinkedIn
  14. Credit and Criminal Checks
  15. Running classes on how best to use LinkedIn
  16. Adding a review layer for employees t review companies, with the potential of staying anonymous
  17. The LinkedIn box – a monthly box with 5-9 items recommended by influencers
  18. An Outplacement company
  19. LinkedIn certification for recruiters
  20. A service that reminds you to update your profile every 6 months or so

Day 114: 10 Articles I could write, and the 10 places I sent the one I wrote to

For today, the assignment was to write an article, and send it to 10 places that could publish it. So, I came up with 10 article ideas, wrote one of them, sent it to 10 places, one of whom published it, one rejected it, and the other 8 had not responded yet.

So, the ten ideas:

10 Article Ideas

  1. Moving with a child
  2. 3D Pinting
  3. Some insights from working on my idea muscle
  4. Switching to Pen and Paper
  5. Doing E Prime
  6. What I learned moving countries
  7. My life in Gaming
  8. Herding Cats: How I organised my first LARP
  9. Contrast South Africa and Denmark
  10. Don’t Wait

I ended up writing an article about rediscovering the joys of using pen and paper, and sent it to the following places:

10 Places I sent my article to

  1. Life Hacks 101
  2. 1000 Life Hacks
  3. Lifehacker
  4. Pick the Brain
  5. Planet Naveen – They were the ones that accepted!
  6. A Plus
  7. Huffington Post
  8. mind body green
  9. The Self Improvement Blog
  10. Life optimizer

As mentioned earlier, the post was accepted by Planet Naveen, and you can read my article about Rediscovering Paper on it.


Day 113: 20 Ways I cope with Anxiety

Some of these work, some don’t, but I tend to use them anyway.

  1. Walking (or Pacing)
  2. Deep Breaths
  3. Meditation
  4. Writing about it
  5. Lying down
  6. Eating something
  7. Hugging my wife
  8. Drinking a glass of water
  9. Hyper-focus on a mundane task
  10. Reciting a mantra (I use I Love Myself lately, but it could be anything)
  11. Trying to find something beautiful around me
  12. Playing a computer game
  13. Taking a shower
  14. Just observe the anxiety
  15. Stretch
  16. Scream (if I am alone)
  17. Count something
  18. Have a cup of coffee
  19. Remember other times I made it through
  20. Humor

Day 112: 20 Things I did that were out of my Comfort Zone, and what I Learned from Them

  1. Buying a coffee shop – I learned that I do not enjoy running one, the importance of having a good manager, but still staying involved with the business
  2. Writing a long-running LARP on my own – I learned the difficulty of organising, the necessity of sleep, and the power of trusting people to make their own decisions
  3. Applying to Google – I learned that I could handle it, and that my skills are far better than I thought, even if I did not get accepted
  4. Attending a sweat lodge – I learned the importance of connecting to my roots, and of staying with the moment
  5. The Xaos Club – I learned the importance of ritual, and a new way to look at science, art, religion and magic
  6. Having a child – I learned that I could be a father, the importance of staying calm and adaptable, and how to change nappies
  7. Moving (back) to Serbia – I learned how much a person can change, and how to fit in better
  8. Moving to Denmark – The importance of language, and hard it can be for children to adapt
  9. Writing a picture book – That I can write, that I enjoy working with my wife, and a bit about the publishing industry
  10. Writing a Playbook app – How to write an app, that I can complete a project on my own, and the importance of choosing the right platform
  11. Attending a networking event in Cape Town – That networking events are a waste of my time
  12. Creating the HR Evaluation Questionnaire at SureSwipe – I learned that I know more about psychology than I realised, and about the importance of humor and being remarkable
  13. Leaving a job before my notice period was over – That you should try to avoid burning bridges, but that you can still survive it
  14. Making a gif – That it can be fun
  15. Trying LSD – How fragile our sense of reality is
  16. Start an RPG club in High School – The importance of choosing myself, as well as how to work with a bureaucracy
  17. Applying for the Pilgrim – That people sometimes do things if you just ask, how to use a 3D printer, and the importance of following through
  18. The graveyard run – That a lot of people miss what is right in front of them, and that you can get away with anything if you have a good story
  19. The first time I refused a job offer – That people respect your decisions
  20. Asking for help for my depression – That sometimes, there are simple fixes, if you ask

Day 111: Ideas to help a friend that needs it

I did actually make this list, but since some of the suggestions are very personal, and specific to the other person, I will not post them here.

Sorry to do this to you again!

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